Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things to do when your favorite website is down

Doesn't matter if you are at home or at work here's some things to do when your favorite website is down!

Retry the URL 1000 times.

Actually do your job well for once, or just for once period.

Clear your cache, and make sure any and all porn on your computer is gone.

Finally make a family tree you lazy ass.

Plan your family's escape route in case of fire, hurricane, tornado etc.

Play slap n' tickle with your significant other.

Wax the floors and have a one man stocking foot race.

Compose music with your computer keyboard.

Pick your nose, but wash your hands before you touch anything...

Break or set a world record.

Count how many licks it takes you to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

Set up a lemonade stand. You could even donate your earnings to charity!

Get old clothes, shoes etc together for a charity donation, and actually go donate them.

Clean out the garage, the attic or the basement, gather up all your old toys and games and have a garage sale - you'll free up space and make a bit of cash while you're at it.

Make some jello and have a jello eating contest and eat with your hands behind your back!

Run up and down the stairs. Can you do it 10 times? 50? 100? Now beat that!

Catalog your books. Or inventory your socks.

Change your look, upload a photo to the DailyMakeover and try out celebrity hairstyles and makeup trends.

Rent some inline skates and hit the bike paths or sidewalks.

Walk your dog. Or offer to walk a neighbor's dog. If you can't find a dog to walk, try walking your cat ... or your ferret.

Prepare a picnic to eat in your backyard. Or in the park. Or even in your living room.

Plant flowers, mow the yard, shovel the snow just do anything outside. Bet ya haven't enjoyed nature in awhile being on the computer 24/7
Send fake, elaborate, crazy, emails to Dr. Phil, Dr Ruth, Dr Laura, Dr Joyce Brothers, Dr Drew etc

Make plans for a potluck with friends and family.

Send flowers to your mom

Send your grandfather an experienced dominatrix

Force your mailman to the ground and tattoo his buttocks

Build robots using items found around the house (please don't take the toaster apart without permission). Or workplace (please don't take the copier apart without permission)

Buy property on Mars.

Follow an ant around the yard and see what ants really do all day

 Learn Morse Code.

Learn some magic tricks

Put together a silly survival kit or make a pocket anti-boredom kit.

Stock your fridge with nothing but Lunchables & Capri Sun

Down a few laxatives and shit yourself during an MRI

Concoct a baking soda volcano.

Bring your dog to the vet for a circumcision

Watch paint dry Link.

Wash your sheets for once, they're gross

Read a book, read a book, read a mother f*u@cking book!

Read a book your boss will never know about because it'll look like you're viewing a PowerPoint presentation.

Send an extraordinary letter. Compose a letter online and the World's Smallest Postal Service will transcribe it in the tiniest of script, seal it with a miniscule wax seal, and send it with a magnifying glass so your recipient can read it.

Rant! Think you've got it bad? Check out F*** My Life where anyone can vent about something in their life that's gotten them down. Hilarious, irreverent, and highly topical, read other people's FMLs and add your own.

Still upset your favorite site is down?
NotifyMeWhenIt’sUp lets you enter any website or service suffering from downtime and sends you an e-mail notification as soon as it’s back up (and only when it was effectively down upon entering). Simple, clean, obvious, free, and as far as I can tell it works like a charm too.
Visit some of these interesting sites about science I bet you've never visited before.

Exploring Fringe Science – To Debunk Or Not To Debunk? The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.Popular Mechanics.
Robert Carroll’s The Skeptic’s Dictionary.
James Randi Educational Foundation.
Finally, if you simply want to discuss particular fringe claims with other open-minded skeptics like yourself – I highly recommend that you head over to Physics Forums.

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