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Brainteasers & optical illusions

Happy ST. Pattys day!

Don't get get trashed n crash!


The man, the word

See the baby?


How many balck circles do you see? Are there even any black circles?









Are the circles moving?


Is it expanding?

What color are the outer dots?

Is the center circle on the left or right larger?

 What troubles you?
Ask the Infintely Magic 8 Ball to find out.

Brain Teasers

1. Some months have 30 days, some have 31;
how many months have 28 days?

2. A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. What time is it?

3. If you had only one match and entered a room in which there was a kerosene lamp, an oil heater, and a wood burning stove, which would you light first?

4. There is a house with four walls. Each wall faces south. There is a window in each wall. A bear walks by one of the windows. What color is the bear?

5. Is half of two plus two equal to two or three?

6. Do they have a 4th of July in England?

7. How many animals of each species did Moses take aboard the Ark with him?

8. How far can a dog run into the woods?

9. What is the significance of the following: The year is 1978, thirty-four minutes past noon on May 6th.

10. Is it legal in California for a man to marry his widow's sister?

11. If a farmer has 5 haystacks in one field and 4 haystacks in the other field, how many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in the center field?

12. What is it that goes up and goes down but does not move?

13. I have in my hand only 2 U.S. coins which total 55 cents in value. One is not a nickel. What are the coins?

14. A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 died. How many did he have left?

15. Divide 30 by 1/2 and add ten. What is the answer?



1. All 12 have 28 days

2. 1:45. The man gave away a total of 25 cents. He divided it between two people. Therefore, he gave a quarter to two.

3. Light the match first.

4. White. If all the walls face south, the house is at the Northpole, and the bear, therefore, is a polar bear.

5. Three. Well, it seems that it could almost be either, but if you follow the mathematical orders of operation, division isperformed before addition. So... half of two is one. Then add two, and the answer is three.

6. Yes, and a 5th, a 6th, ...

7. I thought Noah brought 2 of each animal, not Moses

8. Halfway, then he would be running out of the woods.

9. The time/month/date/year of an American style calendar are 12:34, 5/6/78.

10. No. You can't marry someone if you're dead!

11. One. If he combines all of his haystacks, they all become one big stack.

12. The temperature.

13. A half-dollar and a nickel. (Only one was not a nickel)

14. 9 sheep

15. 70

Examine the following sequence of numbers.


What are the next two numbers in the given series?
You have two hourglasses--a 4-minute glass and a 7-minute glass.
You want to measure 9 minutes. How do you do it?
They are three errers in this puzzle - what are they?
Answer:1. errers (should be errors) 2. They (should be There) 3. there are only two errors.

There is a grid of 20 squares by 10 squares. How many different rectangles are possible?
Note that square is a rectangle.

If three babies are born every second of the day, then how many babies will be born in the year 2004?


There is a common English word that is nine letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains an English word - from nine letters right down to a single letter. What is the original word, and what are the words that it becomes after removing one letter at a time?

Answer: The base word is Startling - starting - staring - string - sting - sing - sin - in - I

You are running in a road race with 9 other racers. If you overtake the person who is in last place in the race, what position will you be in?

I start with the letter E.
I end with the letter E.
I usually contain only one letter
Yet I am not the letter E!
What am I?
Awnser:An envelope.

How many times does the number/digit 7 appear in the numbers between 1 and 100?
A man was found murdered on Sunday morning. His wife immediately called the police. The police questioned the wife and staff and got these alibis:
The Wife said she was sleeping.
The Cook was cooking breakfast.
The Gardener was picking vegetables.
The Maid was getting the mail.
The Butler was cleaning the closet.

The police instantly arrested the murdered. Who did it and how did they know? 

 It was the Maid. She said she was getting the mail. There is no mail on Sunday! (next day air and email doesn't count)

What 7 letter word becomes longer when the third letter is removed?

Riddle 1

Today he is there to trip you up,
And he will torture you tomorrow.
Yet he is also there to ease the pain,
When you are lost in grief and sorrow.

What is he?

Riddle 2

Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it,
Five in the middle is seen;
First of all figures, the first of all letters,
Take up their stations between.
Join all together, and then you will bring
Before you the name of an eminent king.

Who is he?

 Riddle 3

Though liquid to start,
don't push me too far,
For then I will break,
and the damage may scar.

What am I?

Riddle 4

There is one that has a head without an eye,
And there's one that has an eye without a head.
You may find the answer if you try.
And when all is said,
Half the answer hangs by a thread.

What are they?

#1  (Alcohol) #2 (DAVID) (Roman Numerals) #3 (glass or a window) #4 (pins and needles)

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