Thursday, July 29, 2010

Video pranks!

Have you ever video taped a prank being played on a friend (or foe)? I have, currently working on uploading and piecing together the 3 clips... but until then here are some videos for you to enjoy!

First off we have...

Worst husband ever?


XBox 360 Prank (Worst parents ever?)


A pilot pranking his friend by pretending to pass out:
Can't tell if this is real or not, but if it is, it's one of the meanest pranks EVER. There's a video online of a guy sitting behind a pilot in a single-engine airplane, and the pilot PASSES OUT.The plane starts losing altitude, and the guy with the camera starts ...freaking out and screaming. But then the pilot sits back up in his seat and smiles.


A group of friends pulled a ridiculous prank on a drive-thru window girl at Carl's Jr. They ordered drinks, and every time the girl turned her back, they dumped half of one drink out the window. Then they told he...r she only filled it halfway by mistake.You'd think the girl would catch on after the second or third time, but she doesn't. And in the end she and her manager BOTH decide there must be something wrong with the soda machine.


Not the Easter bunny


Hidden camera prank going bad

Post some links to horrible video pranks here!

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