Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily bit of lulz

JibJab - Funny eCards, Birthday Cards, and More at JibJab
Yes I was bored so made this video starring 2 of my friends ;p


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Is this the gayest thing ever? Hmmm


Some more weird laws you may not know about
Donkeys may not sleep in bathtubs in Brooklyn, New York. In Arkansas, it's alligators that aren't allowed in the tub, while in South Carolina, it's horses.

Don't try giving the twins a bath in Los Angeles, where it's illegal to wash two babies at once.

You're one toe over the line if you dip it into the bathtub before 10 p.m. in Piqua, Ohio.

Lawmakers in the state of Virginia and in Canton, Ohio, must not want their citizens to bathe: Indoor tubs are against the law. Don't head to Portland, Oregon, for relief, either. While you can have an indoor tub there, you’ll have to use it while wearing "suitable clothing…that which reaches from the bather's neck to his knees and completely covers the body."

You can be cited for "dozing or snoozing" in the tub in Detroit.


The Candwich: A Sandwich in a Can

Like a cross between a Little Debbie and a cold Hot Pocket, but also in a can, the Candwich looks pretty gross if I can say so myself.
And, unfortunately, there is more: the yellow circle on the left side of the can says "Candy Surprise Inside." Not clear whether the candy is in the sandwich itself or a bonus side item, but either way there should be no surprises in a sandwich in a can.
· Money in the Bank? No, Sandwich in a Can [NYT]
· The Candwich [Mark One Foods]
· Taste Test: Cheeseburger in a Can [AV Club]

What will people come up with next?!

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