Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Founded in 1999, Slickdeals.net is a free, user-driven deal sharing site with a mission to provide consumers an avenue to collaborate and share information in order to make the best shopping decisions. Slickdeals achieves this by providing its users a forum for communication and various shopping tools. Slickdeals.net prides itself on being user and community focused, never allowing paid placement for frontpage deal listings.

A reviewer of the site says "this site is my home page. my holy grail for an incurable online shopping habit."

I am more and more amazed by this website everytime I go to it.
But I refuse to go to it everyday. Why do I refuse you might ask? Well simply because if I did I would be completely broke. I would sucumb to the sale prices and spend every dollar I earn because of course if its listed on this website its a good deal.

This site is updated every day, listing internet only deals along with printable coupons at times. Its pretty much the best website I've found to share and discuss good deals on.

My own personal best find of the day.
rsvp by 6pm.com
Right now theres about 500 pairs of shoes for $10.00 or less a pair. On Slickdeals its listed as PM All RSVP Mens & Womens shoes $9.95 up to 95% off but on the site right now the most expensive ones are $9.95!
I've been skimming for about 1/2 an hour now and some of these shoes have an MSRP of $100+. I really think I've died and gone to heaven. I was only looking for a pair of black dressy peep toe heels with a platform wedge but I have 12 pairs of shoes in my cart and my total is only $70.00 so far. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part! Free shipping when you spend $50.00 or more!

If you have been living in a cave for the past few years and haven't heard of Slickdeals here's its FaQ page.

If you have twitter be sure to add Slickdeals as well!

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And last but not least also check out Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)
They post a different exclusive deal everyday. Sometimes pretty good, sometimes average.
Just remember to check back often to see the new deals.

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