Monday, September 21, 2009

Sexual odds

Here is the latest cache of sex odds, courtesy of the Book of Odds:

1. The odds a woman has had sex on a first date are 1 in 6.06
In many cultures, the ability to glean if a woman is among that 17 percent before asking her on a first date is considered a superpower.

2. The odds a man has ever paid for or been paid for sex are 1 in 6.64
We like the way this is presented: It makes us feel like our dream of a lovely lady paying us for sex isn't as absurd as society has led us to believe.

3. The odds the most recent sexual encounter of a man between 18-59 years old lasted less than one minute are 1 in 9.09.
What's the deal, sub-minute men? If focusing on baseball is too antiquated, why don't you try thinking about viral videos of dudes getting kicked in the balls?

4. The odds a male between 15-44 years old has ever had anal sex with a female are 1 in 2.94
The odds a male has ever unsuccessfully tried to trade attendance at the far-flung wedding of his girlfriend's sorority sister for anal sex are about 2 in 3.

5. The odds a male 15-44 years old has ever had any sexual contact with a male are 1 in 16.67
It depends on what counts as sexual contact, as we've seen some incredibly intense bro-hugs in our day.

6. The odds a married man has ever had an extramarital sexual partner are 1 in 4.13
Of course, those odds are considerably higher if you happen to be the number one golfer in the world.

7. The odds a male between 15-44 years old used a condom during his last sexual encounter are 1 in 2.53
These are also just about the odds of a used condom getting a male into some sort of trouble over his lifetime.

8. The odds a male between 15-44 has had 15 or more female sexual partners in his lifetime are 1 in 4.42
The odds a male between 15-44 has ever lied about sex are not dissimilar to those of the sun rising in the East.

9. The odds a male 15-44 has had no female sexual partners in his lifetime are 1 in 10.31
Hey, sometimes a guy's cherished action-figure collection is just too much to give up.

10. The odds a man 15-44 will visit a pornographic Web site at least once in a month are 1 in 3.31
Which means fewer than two-thirds of men between the ages of 15-44 haven't visited a pornographic Web site at least once in the past month. Whaaaa? It sort of calls into question the accuracy of all these odds. Especially in light of this.


Sexual partners odds:

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report (PDF) found that the odds a male 15 - 44 has had 15 or more female sexual partners in his lifetime are 1 in 4.42, while the odds a female in the same age group has had that many male sexual partners are only 1 in 10.87. Towards the lower end of the scale, the differences are much less dramatic: 1 in 3.64 men have had 3 - 6 female sexual partners, while 1 in 3.07 females have had 3 - 6 male partners. (The study did not include equivalent data on same-sex partners.) 

Understandably, investigators are concerned about the truthfulness of the answers they get about this private, emotion-laden subject. Compounding the difficulty, the method used to collect data—in-person interviews, phone interviews, written or web surveys, or other means—may have a distorting effect on what people say about themselves. A University of Michigan survey asked people how many sexual partners they’d had, and later in the very same survey some respondents, both men and women, confessed to having just lied about it.  

Have you ever lied about how many sexual partners you've had?

Which sex likes sex the most?

1 in 2.33 (43%) of U.S. men think about sex at least once a day and when they get it, they like it -- 1 in 1.2 U.S. men (or 83%) report enjoying that hair-mussing, headboard-banging activity a great deal. Yet a much smaller proportion of women feel the same. Only 1 in 7.69 (or just 13%) of U.S. women think about sex on a daily basis, and only 1 in 1.69(60%) really enjoys herself when she gets it. In fact, the odds a woman in the U.S. doesn’t enjoy sex at all are 1 in 14.29 (7%) compared to only 1 in 50 (2%) men who reports the same.

Does marriage kill sex drive?

Adults who responded to a 2004 poll by ABC reported that the quality of their sex lives does correlate negatively with the length of time they’ve been married. The odds they have sex at least several times a week worsen from 1 in 1.39 (72%) if they’ve been married for less than three years to 1 in 3.13 (32%) if they’ve been married for ten or more years. The odds they actually enjoy the sex they’re having a great deal worsen from 1 in 1.15 (87%) to 1 in 1.43 (70%) for the same range, and the odds that their sex life is something they’d call “very exciting” decrease from 1 in 1.72 (58%) to 1 in 3.45 (29%). There is some extrapolation in these assumptions—an expectation that those who report low sex rates are expressing low sex satisfaction as well. The responses, however, may alternatively reflect an equal tapering-off of sex drives or already-low libidos for both partners.

 For more information check out this website. Its pretty neat!

Book of Odds

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