Saturday, May 1, 2010

Scenic routes & New Facebook page

Yup. I've been busy enjoying real life:o
Who would of thought?

I turned my Facebook group into a Facebook page now. I think it looks nicer and I can have multiple albums and stuff. Here's the link: Pondering. Everything.
You can still find the group somewhere but I won't be updating it anymore. In fact if I don't have time to thoroughly update this page I'll try to keep up on Facebook and link it here. But I will still be working on this page so don't take me off your favorites yet!

I started off on my new Facebook page with a photo album of Scenic routes: Photos that will teach you not to complain again about your 'unbearable' commute to work anymore!
So look through it, join me, 'like' me, follow me whatever & enjoy!


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