Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ever wanted to patent anything?

I've had a few ideas over the years that I thought could perhaps be useful to some crazy soul. Lately I've been doing some research about my ideas and came across some silly sites. Here's a few just to waste your time:

Crazy Patents! For the USPTO to issue a patent, the invention must be novel, non-obvious, and "useful." The standard for usefulness is certainly the weakest of the three -- any possible utility, no matter how small, will suffice. And, useful does not necessarily mean commercially viable. In other words, you can get a patent on some crazy things that will never make it to the shelves of your local store. For instance:

View the funniest and most absurd patents and inventions ever to be submitted.

Totally Absurd Inventions & Patents, America's Goofiest Patents

Have you ever wanted to patent anything or have you patented anything? You don't need to give away secrets but can post opinions and such.

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