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Twitter Dictionary

While I was posting my daily Twitter update today (Ok, maybe not daily, but when I remember to;p) I was wondering the meaning of certain terms often used on the site, and especially what the past tense of a tweet is. Could it be a twit or a twat? So, I decided to do some investigating. Turns out I'm a few years late on putting the whole Twitter Dictionary together- See Twittonary | A Twitter Dictionary. But I can still throw up a few interesting words and meanings on my blog.

Here's some that have been around awhile.

adventuritter: an adventurous twitterer

beetweet: a buzzing tweet; a “hot” tweet

co-twitterer: a partner that tweets on your Twitter account.

dweet: tweet sent while intoxicated

drive-by-tweet: a quick post inbetween tasks

friendapalooza: a quick burst of friend-adding

mistweet: a tweet in which one later regrets

neweeter: a new tweeter

occasionitter: an occasional tweeter

politweeter: a political tweeter

politweet: a political tweet

qwitter: a tool used to catch twitter quitters-

reportwitters: reporter style twitterers

sweeple: sweet twitter people

twadd: to add/follow someone to your Twitter account as a friend.

twaffic: Twitter traffic.

twaiting: twittering while waiting.

twalking: walking while twittering via text.

twapplications: Twitter applications.

twead: to read a tweet from a fellow twitterer.

tweepish: feeling sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted.

tweeple: Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitter users.

tweeps: Twitter people that follow each other from one social media/network to another.

tweetaholism: the continued use of Twitter as an addiction that is difficult to control.

tweetaholic: someone addicted to Twitter, so much so that it may be an actual problem.

tweet-back: bringing a previous tweet conversation or reference back into the current conversation.

tweet-dropping: eavesdropping on someone else’s home page in friends mode.

tweeter: a user of Twitter.

tweeterboxes: twitterers who tweet too much.

tweetheart: that special tweeter who makes your heart skip a beat.

tweetin: when a group of twitterers agree to get together at a set time to twitter.

tweet(ing): the act of posting to Twitter.

tweets: posts on Twitter by twitterers.

tweetsulted, tweetsult: what do you think it means, you dumb twitterer?

tweetup: when twitterers meet in person – a Twitter meet up.

twideo-cronicity: when you’re watching someone’s videos and they are simultaneously leaving a comment or tweet for/at/about you.

twiking: biking while twittering via text.

twinkedIn: inviting friends made on Twitter to connect with you on LinkedIn (LinkedIn).

twis: to dis a fellow twitterer. very bad form.

Twitophant / Twitophantic:
One who repeatedly tweets the Top 100 in an attempt to gain more followers.

twitosphere: community of twitterers.

twittastic: fantastic, wonderful, superb.

twittcrastination: avoiding action while twittering, procrastination enabled by Twitter use.

twittduit: If you need to tweet a friend that does not follow you, post a twittduit asking your followers to pass a message.

twittectomy: an unfollowing of friends.

twitter-light zone: where you are when you return to Twitter after any time away and feel disoriented and lost.

twitter stream: a collection of tweets often times in alphabetical order

twitosphere: the community of twepple.

twitterati: The A-list twitterers.

twittercal mass: a community that has achieved a critical mass of twitterers.

twitterer: a user of Twitter (compare: tweeter).

twittering: to send a Twitter message.

twitterish: erractic behavior with short outbursts.

twitteritas: women who play with their twitters.

twitterness: a person’s contribution to the twitosphere.

twitterfly: being a social butterfly on Twitter evidenced by extreme usage of @ signs.

twitterject: interject your tweet into an existing tweet stream of conversation.

twitter-ku: those who either post on both Twitter and Jaiku (Jaiku) or load their Twitter feed into Jaiku.

twitterlinkr: a service collecting the best links posted through Twitter.

twitterlooing: twittering from a bathroom.

twitterloop: to be caught up with friend tweets and up on the conversation.

twittermob: an unruly and ragtag horde of people who descend on an ill-prepared location after a provocative Twitter message.

twittermaps: a mashup technology that lets Twitter users find each other using google maps.

twitterpated: to be overwhelmed with Twitter messages.

twitterphoria: the elation you feel when the person you’ve added as a friend adds you back.

twitterage: rage at a twitter post.

twitterrhea: the act of sending too many Twitter messages.---

A master list for noobs: Twitter abbreviations
These have been used for years on other social networking sites and messenger applications, but still, noobs gotta learn sometime.
AFK = Away from Keyboard

b/c OR B.C = Because
BBL = Be back later
BG = Background (when someone refers to their Twitter background page)
BFN = Bye for now
BR = Best regards
BRB = Be right back
BTW = By the way
DM = Direct message
EM = Email
FB = Facebook
FTF = Face to face
FWIW = For what it’s worth
Gr8 = Great
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my honest opinion or in my humble opinion
IRL = In real life
J/K = Just kidding
LI = LinkedIn
LMK = Let me know
LMBO = Laughing my butt off
LMAO = Laughing my ass off
LOL = Laughing out loud
NP = No problem
OMG = Oh my God
OMFG = Oh my f—- God
PLZ = Please
Ppl = People
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
RT = Retweet
RTHX = Thanks for the retweet
TMB = Tweet me back
TMI = Too much information
TTFN = Ta-ta for now
TTYS = Talk to you soon
TTYL = Talk to you later
TY = Thank you
WTH = What the heck
WTF = What the f—
YW = You’re welcome
<3 = This is the text version of a heart

If you are still confused or come across something not mentioned above try:

Internet Slang

A few cool Twitter Tools
Autopostr - This service lets your friends in Twitter know when you post a new picture on Flickr.
EmailTwitter – With this service, you can send tweets to Twitter from your cellphone without incurring SMS charges

Hashtags – You can add tags to your Twitter posts with this service.

OutTwit – A tool for Outlook that will send the latest tweets from your friends as incoming email messages.

TweetChannel – You can add TweetChannel as your friend in Twitter to help you channel your various posts.

TweetLater – An useful service to schedule your Twitter posts for the future.

Twitpic – Share pictures on Twitter using Twitpic.

Twitsay – You can tweet an audio recording to Twitter using this new and popular service.

Twitterlinkr – Shows you the popular links that people are posting in Twitter.

Tweetburner – Tweetburner gives you click stats for the links you posted in Twitter.

Twittermeter – You can use Twittermeter to see how frequently a word has been used on Twitter. You can also compare two or more words.

Twitter for iPhone Twitter client for your iPhone.
Quitter – Quitter will help you how to use Twitter to quit smoking. Bonus points for cool name.

StrawPoll – Sends out polls on Twitter that you can participate on. As they say, you can never have too many polls.
Twitterfeed – Posts your blog posts automatically to Twitter.

TwitterMeThis – When you follow TwitterMeThis, it will send you a question randomly. If you are the first to answer that question, then you get $5
Who Should I follow – Find interesting people to follow on Twitter using this tool.

Make Shorter URLS for reposting on sites such as Twitter
(Lets you ad tags to URLS)

Long URL Please Replaces Shortened Links with the Real Thing- Firefox Plugin.

Neat people/Twits/Twitters to follow

A list of the Top 250 People that are the Coolest, Most Influential or Neatest on Twitter.
They also are very-very likely to Follow you back! 

Also, when you log into Twitter click on 'Find People' on the top right side of the page, then click 'Browse Suggestions' This is a neat way to find users by certain interests to follow.

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