Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hypnotist Planning World-Record Trance Via Internet

World-Record Trance
An acclaimed British hypnotist is hoping to pull off the first stunt of the new decade by putting all of England in a trance. (Isn't that Robbie Williams' job?)


Entertainer Chris Hughes is hoping to set a world record "for the largest online hypnosis session via a Webcast" on Monday, Jan. 4, at 8:30 p.m. GMT (that's English time) as part of World Hypnotism Day. To keep his powers in check, he's limiting himself to Twitter and Facebook users -- which accounts for pretty much everyone, right?

Entertainer Chris Hughes at work, Photo from Facebook

"Social media is all about bringing people together," Chris told us. "I had a lot of users on both Twitter and Facebook asking questions about hypnosis and if I could do anything to help them experience and understand it. The concept of doing an online hypnosis session to give people an hypnotic experience resulted in

"It's a perfect way to help educate the world on what hypnosis really is and how it helps people in so many ways. For example, weight loss, phobias and stopping smoking."

The Social Trance experiment is one of Hughes' ways to break down misconceptions about hypnosis -- including the ideas that you'll go to sleep and lose control.

According to Chris, "This is not correct. As if they were asleep they would not hear any suggestions for change given to them in the hypnosis session. Your subconscious mind is very powerful, and hypnosis helps the individual accept the changes they desire, for example to stop eating junk food. It is NOT about the hypnotist controlling them, it is a two-way street with both the hypnotist and the individual working together."

The U.S.-trained hypnotist and hypnotherapist (his bio credits the Omni Hypnosis Training Center in Florida for his training) isn't the first to try effecting a trance over the 'Net. There's Skypenosis (hypnotizing people via Skype, naturally) and self-hypnosis software downloads.

But Hughes is foregoing the visual for this trick -- his rules say you won't need a Webcam, just a computer with speakers, a "comfy chair," and a quiet place to sit. He's going on the honor system that you aren't pregnant, mentally ill or drunk (it is a Monday -- and 8:30 p.m. GMT is 3:30 p.m. EST), and epileptics are advised to check in with a doctor before signing up for the event.

If you can keep yourself from tweeting and updating your status long enough to pay attention, Hughes promises "You will find yourself being unable to get out of your chair, You will have your hands, and eyes stuck together and experience relaxation like you have never felt before."


Entertainer Chris Hughes at work, Photos from Facebook 

Entertainment pure and simple. He even calls himself an entertainer. Not a doctor, not some sort of spiritual guide or counselor.

I believe hypnosis can be achieved but its not what you see on television. Its a mental state, when your mind is mostly asleep yet still thinking and well aware, almost like a day dream but seeing whats already there, whats already happened and not what if's or future possibilities. This stuff though, with all of the acting and outbursts is just hard for me to believe personally. After I write this up I will do some research and post a comment if I change my opinion on this matter...

But for now, what I find most amusing about this is how people act when they are supposedly hypnotized. Or seeing the reactions others who believe or are curious about hypnotherapy react to those being hypnotized. Its funny to see how low people will go, how stupid they will "act" just to make others believe.

So, what do you think about this topic? Are you willing to let some strange man put you in a trance?

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