Monday, November 16, 2009

Seriously. WTF is wrong with people!?

Some fu*&ed news from around the world

Horsing Around:
One interspecies roll in the hay is bad enough. Get caught twice and you must be Rodell Vereen, who had to register as a sex offender after his first man-on-horse conviction in 2007.

Now, two years later, he was charged with the same offense ... with the same horse, a mare named Sugar. The 50-year-old was sentenced to three years in prison, and the judge forever banned him from going near a stable.

In a page out of "The World According to Garp," a secretary involved with her boss bit off his penis while performing oral sex in a car after it was rear-ended. She coughed up the tip of his partially eaten appendage and followed him to the hospital, where it was reattached.

In another brutal chomp, Vince Shlomi – otherwise known as TV's "ShamWow Guy" – got his tongue bitten by a woman described as a "$1,000-a-night prostitute." The Miami hotel room fight resulted in both parties getting arrested. Criminal charges were dropped, but the woman in question vowed to sue Mr. Slap Chop.

The year's biggest sex slob, however, had to be Adam Manning. Like a perfect dad-to-be, he was at his girlfriend's side as she was in the hospital to give birth. Then, while she was in the throes of labor, he allegedly grabbed the maternity nurse's breasts. He was in a Utah county jail when he was informed that he'd become a first-time father.

Excuses, Excuses: A Belgian teen claimed she fell asleep in a tattoo artist's chair and woke up with 56 stars plastered over her face. The artist claimed she was a willing participant. And days later, she admitted that she just didn't want to tell her folks the truth about her ear-to-ear makeover.

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