Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homeless guys with signs.

Driving to my dads house I noticed a homeless guy with a sign standing on the freeway entrance ramp. Since I was getting off the freeway I wasn't too close to him, but I did read his sign, "Homeless. Will work for money and food". A few hours later driving back from my dads I was stopped at the light near the freeway and I saw the same guy change out of his destroyed looking jacket into a nice looking long wool one, then climbed up into the drivers side a parked HUMMER right on the side of the road. It just irked me so bad. Was he begging for gas money to pay for that Hummer? Was he using all of his money to pay for that gas guzzler and had nothing left afterward to buy food? There's homeless people out there who would sleep in a car with no wheels just to be out of the cold wind. Homeless people with out 1 jacket, let alone 2! This guy was just totally unbelievable.

So, I came home and started looking up homelessness stats etc. Too depressing to repost but I did find some humor in my research. Being homeless is definitely not funny, but some of those poor people still have sense of humor...

Have you ever seen any amusing homeless signs or know of anyone pretending to be homeless but isn't?

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