Saturday, May 9, 2009

This Summer!

Also posted as a blog on myspace.

Some stuff I want to do this summer.
Let me know if you want to come along!

If James gets better, Babalon Rising 2009 (Only a few weeks, cutting it close)
Cedar Point W/ James & Chris
Hang out with my friends more!
The Zoo (Detroit or Toledo)
More Tigers games!
Long walks around Kensington. Maybe buy some new rollerblades:o
Strawberry Fest in Belleville June 19-21
Harley Fest July 11th in Hell
Fowlerville Fair July 18-25 (Demolition Derby July 21)
Monroe County Fair (Demolition Derby August 4th)
Wayne County Fair in August
Michigan State Fair 08/28 through Labor Day
Road trip!
Train Trip to Indiana and maybe Missouri to see some friends
Try to get over my fear of flying!

Will add as they come.

WTF IS UP W Kid Rock @ Comerica Park w/ Special Guests Alice In Chains & Cypress Hill 7/18/2009?!

*Green Day July 14th (Got tix already)

I know its not in the summer but OMG Metallica
@ Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids Nov 9. $72 main floor
Here's hoping I win the lottery by then :p

My list is subject to editing!
If you can think of anything else going on let me know!

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