Monday, February 16, 2009

I bet I can find a million people who don't care Michael Phelps smoked weed.

That's the Facebook group I joined yesterday. Only a few days in and already 420,402 members.

Personally I see no problem with the fact the Michael Phelps smoked weed. Number one how could anyone swim like he does if they just sit around and smoke all day, I mean c'mon?! How can anyone just be a pure athlete being a stoner? Everyone tries it. (Right Mr. Former President Bill Clinton? and many many others) He tried it, maybe once, maybe 3 times. Did it actually effect him? Did it effect his ability as a swimmer? I think not. But why is he getting so much negative attention for it? I seriously think weed should be legalized. I may only smoke once a year, if even that, I stand up for that it should be legalized. When people ask me why I have a very short answer. You smoke weed you're calm and chill. You don't go and start shooting people, beat up your wife, kick your dog and crash your car into the lake. Its not as dangerous emotionally, physically as alcohol and its been proven time and time again.
The headlines from tonight...
South Carolina sheriff: No charges for Phelps
What about Kellogg's? This article I read recently had my cracking up for a minute, but really got me thinking.

The cereal company says,

…Phelps’s behavior—caught on camera and published Sunday in a British tabloid—is “not consistent with the image of Kellogg.”

This would be the same company that for decades has been encouraging children to start the day by inhaling sugar by the spoonful. It’s also the company that still proudly bears the name of the man who advocated yogurt enemas and pouring carbolic acid on the clitoris to prevent women from experiencing sexual pleasure.

Yes, it would be a shame to see a 14-time gold medalist’s bong hit tarnish the company’s image.

How many people do you actually know that eat Kellogg's cereal while they aren't stoned? Kellogg is saying,” I don’t want your business” to the forty percent (and rising) of American’s who’ve tried marijuana?

Personally I don't eat any sort of cereal. Maybe I should. They do say breakfast is the most important meal or the day but if anyone asks I will be following suit and boycotting Kellogg's. Hey I do use the cereal to bake. Looks like its store brands that aren't manufactured at the big box companies for me.

As for Subway, they say they aren't dropping Phelps. They are just very disappointed but accepted his apology nonetheless. However they removed his face from the main page of the site saying hes not as buzz worthy right now? Um ok, its the opposite Subway. I love you but jeez.

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