Thursday, February 26, 2009

Herpes Rise Linked to Beer Pong

On New Years Eve when my friends suggested we play flip-cup instead of beer pong I thought they were crazy. That is until I read this post.
"But beer pong could be nearly as dangerous as unprotected sex in terms of spreading diseases, according to a recent article in the University of Massachusetts' student newspaper -- which links the rise of herpes on campus to the popularity of beer pong. Because the game involves multiple people drinking from the same cups, the herpes virus -- which can be transmitted via saliva -- can be spread to everyone who is playing through the course of a game. The virus is up 230 percent since 2007 in people between ages 17 and 21."
While we wernt drinking on a college campus we were playing with some people we didnt know so maybe all in all it was better we didnt play.

Its sad now a days that you cant even drink with your friends with out the fact that you could get a disease sneaking up on you.

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