Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spam E-mail Subject Lines

Spam sux!

I’m sure we’ve all received unsolicited e-mail advertisements in our inbox. For awhile I was getting a lot of them, some incomprehensible and some downright raunchy. Here are my favorites.

The Incomprehensible:
class action suit lunatics over 4
labyrinth looking glasses near 3
remission asceticism byroad
demon curses around 0562
razor blade pockets of 54
ephemeral grapple
flout cahill
canoe obstruent
vasectomy ham
scooby snack widows
eggplant lunatics
elderly salmon
sheriff 761 clodhoppers
labyrinth trombones
edwin bullhead football
My Name Is Water
blood clot ruffians
salad dressing mirrors
cab driver bonbons
taxidermist cream puffs
guardian angel alchemists
faceplate cavort defray
Just as i thought, Scotty Caspian

Slightly amusing
Short order cook 3 gonads Eroberta
Grand piano midwives beyond 554
This wine has been drunk before
Beauty loose nymphets online
Pickup truck looking glasses living with 51
Meliorate your sperm
Spiculiferous !
Narcotic mambo
My heartbeat are killing me!
Poker is huge
Polysexual Bad Taste Fondue Party
Betony Tailspin Trace blew Midge Martian
Penis patches
Worn transfinite irrefutable crap
Boulder Girls
Antidote for crocodile
How do you turn it on?
Demountable Elaine
Beautiful Cyber Medz
Mr. Kwrivard 's Neighborhood
Bufflehead !
Naughty cam girls looking for Zor
Yammer pronounceable
Be live in punkah
Going postbox on your ass
Explain my satiable swizzle
As fly as philosopher
Meds are cheap and easy
Is there sex on Mars?
Give me lender's eyes!
Smoke be grunt inbreeding
About reality world
Neither a maniac nor impotent!

The Raunchy:
Sticky man juice
Splattered and smiling
Girls taking a leak!
Spicy Latinas wanna taste your big burrito
Farm Girls who really LOVE their animals
Sword-swallowing babes: Eager sucking mouths
umblemished coed teens passed out on the toilet
she's never too old to smoke your pole
Katie is showing serious cameltoe. LOOK.
facials, blowjobs, balljobs, cumbaths
lurrrving it in every hole

One's I've actually opened
Instead of a flying carpet, the tiny little genie flew his...
Look, Internet, we're trying to have a civilization over here.
Could there be a more disturbing mental image than this?
Does his meat speak? What does it say?
If your pussy could talk, what would it say?
Just understand your life sucks and move on Melissa!
These pickles taste like an orgasm in your mouth!
The newest craze this summer: Testicles
Operation HobitPoRn

What's the most absurd, raunchy, misleading or funny spam email line you've even got in your box?

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