Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ramblings of a crazy cat lady

That's what I'm going to be one day. A crazy cat lady.

No husband, no kids, just have 10 cats running around. Maybe more but stinky litter disgusts me!
And I will be fine, happy and content being a crazy cat lady, I already know it.
Its either that or join the convent. Which I think will entertain people more than make a statement. Im already 1/2 way there though. My mom got me a chastity belt and is "hiding the key for the next year at the least". Those were her exact words!
Which is fine by me. I am not looking for a piece of ass. But thats not my style anyways. I'm a recovering relationship addict but its time to grow up and take on real responsibilities. Hopefully I am ready for the road that lies ahead of me!

On to a different note: Aka more ramblings! Heres some stuff that may or may not amuse you!
This is sexy!
M&M Store Floor Display Dispenser 42" YELLOW Character

This is funny
Lewis Black: Starbucks
And ohh soo true!

I read 2 books this week. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed reading a real book!
I loved the first Eragon book and I may get a library card just to check out the second one!

Today Ive been told I look like

Claire Forlani & Drew Berrymore

But I know I don't cause they are pretty hot!

Ive been smoking entirely too much to the point I think I'm getting sick from smoking cigarettes!

Oh and talking about warm apple pie or pumpkin pie gives me the giggles for 2 freaking hours!

I have all my exes (well except 1 cause his g/f is psycho and wont let him have 1) on my myspace. And I just spent forever talking to one on yahoo tonight...
If you cant be friends w/ your exes you are kinda messed up. I am super messed up but I get over things! Forgive and forget makes you so much stronger!

If 20's doesn't change his status message on yahoo, I'm gonna bop him upside the head!

I went to a friends wedding this past weekend. I hadn't seen him in a few years and I really realized how bad I suck.
I am sorry people. Its not that I don't like you, I just have anxiety!

Tomorrow I am going to get a phone gawd damnit!

Does anyone want to help me move this weekend?! Hah right :p

And last but not least before I write a novel here
My newest piece of Apparel. Hopefully I will figure out how to use the bathroom while wearing it!

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