Friday, August 20, 2010

Some funny and interesting Google street views.

A guy carrying an inflatable sex doll.

Attack of the Post-It Notes.

Taken out of context, this rifle-toting man sporting a Harley Davidson sweatshirt looks pretty sinister. But who knows, maybe he raises puppies for a living.
 Here's the link

Girl who pee'd her pants.
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2 guys getting busted.
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Interesting name for a bar.
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An interesting party.
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A drunken man keeled over outside.
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Undercover Superhero Convention.
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Angry Norwegians in scuba gear chase after Google Street View car.
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Just to let you know google is spying on you.
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That had to hurt.
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More just for fun:

He might have forgotten his keys.

A girl bending over, and two guys watching her…

"It’s alright son, no one can see you".

“Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys.” – The Google Street Views Version of the TV Show COPS
Guy going into an adult book store.

Yup, that’s a strip club behind him.

Unaware he’s been caught on camera, a man walks into a sex shop.
Guy Pervert Caught In The Act.

Pull up your britches dear.

Strange and interesting views

This Google map satellite pic of a swastika-shaped building on a US Navy base in Coronado, California.
Here's the link

The Osmington White Horse, outside Sutton Poyntz, UK. This prehistoric figure is carved into the white chalk
of the hillside – such horse carved shapes are called “Leucippotomy”.
Here's the link

Man-shaped lake in Brazil.
Here's the link

Some of the best-documented messages found in Google Maps have been marriage proposals like this one.

Google publicly announced they were planning to send a plane over locations in Australia to update Google Maps images. Quite a few people attempted to communicate  messages by displaying large text on the ground for the “Australia Day Flyover” as it was called, but very few actually accomplished it due to a miscommunication over the date of the flight. However, the Tourism Australia ministry
managed it by paying a sand sculptor to form the letters of their domain name
on Bondi Beach near Sydney.

People are increasingly trying to get their messages seen in Google Maps satellite view, but most aerial messages already appearing in the pics were originally intended for people viewing from airplanes. For instance, this message written in a field adjacent to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.

Giant thumbprint in a park in Great Britain.
This thumbprint is actually a large maze designed by Chris Drury.

Not so funny...

'Corpse' Is Just Latest Weird Sight on Google Street View
Aol News article along with links to more unusual findings.

If you ever happen to find a picture of yourself on Google Street View you would rather not stay online here's what you can do.

Click on Google Street View 'Help' or 'Report a problem' You will be brought to a page that allows you to fill out some fields about the infringing or inappropriate nature of the photo and then Google will consider its removal. 
They allow you to report a face that has not been blurred, an identifiable photo of your face or your child face, your legible license plate that has not been blurred, a picture of your car, your house, inappropriate offensive or NSFW images, bad image quality, security concerns etc. Report your Street View problem in detail and fill in your email

They may provide an detailed Street View Image you reported. Adjust the red box in 3D by moving your mouse and clearly focus on the part of the image you are reporting.

Submit it and you are done. Check the neighborhood around your house on Google Maps Street View, and if you find yourself there, unblurred and easily identifiable, report to Google and get yourself blurred or removed. Unless you want to link the image to all of your friends and become a star in your social circle.

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