Sunday, June 20, 2010

Few odd/weird/interesting and gross videos to waste time...

Hibiki Kono had a dream — he wanted to be like his hero, Spiderman. Most little kids would have their parents buy them a costume that they could wear to school. Not Kono — the 13 year-old set to work making his dream a reality. He’s used two 1,400-watt recycled vacuum cleaners and a little bit of elbow grease to make a machine that allows him to scale walls — just like his spindly hero!

This DIY genius was shunned at first. When he announced his plans his teachers and parents were doubtful that he’d succeed. Kono’s design technology teacher, Angus Gent, told reporters, “I’m hugely proud of him. When he came to me with the idea at the beginning I had my doubts.” But to the surprise and delight of his community, the 13 year-old’s design was successful and Kono says he completely trusts the machine to hold him up on any wall.

However, his mom’s not so sure, she won’t let him climb the walls in his bedroom for fear that he, “may pull down the ceiling.” Kono thinks that the machine could be helpful for window washers, and in some of his demonstrations shows how one could easily use one hand to support themselves on his DIY machine and the other to clean the surface they’re climbing. Kono showed his nifty technology off to a school assembly, but unlike Spiderman, Spiderboy has limitations. His mom won’t let him climb higher than the vacuum cleaner power chords will let him. You see, he’s got to keep his machine plugged in to work.

Dancing Baby Doing The Samba In Brazil


An MMA fighter won his fight, then he tried to celebrate by doing a back flip, but he landed on his head.

Um, ouch!
Van sinks while trying to load jet ski
Some genius backed his van into a lake, opened the back doors, and tried to drive his Jet Ski straight into it. But the added weight pulled the whole van into the water.
Oh my...


Parody about BP execs spilling coffee.

The Upright Citizens Brigade sketch-comedy group did a parody about the BP oil executives spilling their coffee, and coming up with stupid ways to clean it up.


Dead goat bagpipe? Ewww

Some guy in Australia turned a dead goat into a BAGPIPE. When he holds it, it looks like he's just got a goat sitting on his lap. And when he plays it, it just looks WRONG.

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